Exhibitions and Roadshows


As well as holding a conference to deliver your message, an exhibition is a great opportunity to interact with your customers and display products and services in a face-to-face environment. From large exhibition halls to smaller, intimate venues Pebble work with a vast network of venues so that we can cater for your exhibition needs.


Sometimes a one-time event at the one location isn’t always enough to help you get your message across to a wider audience. Whether it be countywide, across the UK, throughout Europe or even globally, Pebble can help from the planning stages right through to logistics and installation to help you get your message out there.

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Client video

Video is what we do!

Ultimately, it's about getting your message across to your target audience in an engaging way

BSS Conference 2018

Design is what we do!

Give your event a professional look with our Pebble design services.

Pebble has been delivering conferences and trade shows for us since 2011 and they are simply the best in the business. They never fail to find us new and exciting venues for our events, always bring us fresh ideas and ways of improving on the previous years, and without fail deliver world-class events.


Marketing Director, Keyline Civils Specialists

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