Presentation Design and Formatting

Presentations are key to getting your message across to your audiance

Presentation Design

We can create stylish and effective presentation templates to meet the needs of your event. Whether you prefer working with PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, we create a template that is right for you.

Presentation Formatting

We format your presentation to suit the display needs. No matter if you are using video wall, projection or TV screens, we will ensure your presentation looks perfect for your audiance.


Events are what we do!

Conferences, awards, exhibitions, gala dinners, roadshows, fun days and much more...

Client video

Video is what we do!

Ultimately, it's about getting your message across to your target audience in an engaging way

Ladbrokes have worked with Pebble on a number of events and they have proved to be professional, detail-orientated, hardworking and conscientious and have helped us to provide truly memorable events to our staff


HR Director-Reward, Ladbrokes

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